The Fun Lab begins its expansion into the international touristic market with a new commercial office in the Caribbean region

  • The engineering firm and ISO 17020 accredited inspection entity expands its operations in the Caribbean region from its office in Cancún, Mexico.
  • The water slides at the Xplor and Xel-Há parks, part of Grupo Xcaret, are the first to be certified by The Fun Lab internationally.

The Fun Lab, a Spanish engineering firm and internationally accredited inspection entity (ISO 17020) for water parks and leisure pools, has inaugurated its first international commercial office in Cancún, Mexico. From this location, they will offer their services to clients in the Caribbean region.

The company now will provide direct and close contact with touristic companies and theme parks in the region, with a particular focus on the markets of Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Jamaica.

Among the services offered to touristic companies in these countries are the official inspection and certification of water park safety, operational safety consulting and auditing, technical advice on new projects, and specialized training for tourism professionals on international compliance and safety in aquatic leisure areas and pools.

Javier Salvador Marín, General Director of The Fun Lab, explains: “The opening of our first international office is a significant qualitative leap for the growth of our company, but it was also a necessary step for the development of our operations. More and more hotel customers with establishments in the Caribbean market are requesting our services, as there are no specialized companies like The Fun Lab there. Additionally, our work for international tour operators is almost entirely in international destinations, with the Caribbean region being one of the most important.”

The Fun Lab holds international accreditation for the inspection of water slides and aquatic leisure areas according to the two predominant global standards: European EN standards (EN-1069 and EN-17232) and American ASTM standards (F-2376 and F-2461).

Two Grupo Xcaret facilities receive the first Safe Fun Certification by The Fun Lab in the Caribbean region

The water slides at the Xplor (Playa del Carmen) and Xel-Há (Tulum) parks, owned by Mexico’s leading tourism company Grupo Xcaret, are the first installations to receive the Safe Fun – Aquatic Leisure Certification, which entails the official certification of the safety of their water slides according to applicable ASTM international standards.

This certification guarantees that the establishments have safer and well-maintained facilities that comply with all the design and accident prevention requirements stipulated by the regulations.

A standout is the newly inaugurated ‘Toboganxote’ at Xplor park, the world’s first “4-in-1” slide, combining four different types of slides in one attraction. This unique case involves numerous technical implications due to the various requirements set by ASTM standards for the design and safety of each slide type. It’s a unique experience where users start sliding in a four-person raft from a launch platform 41 meters high.

Additionally, the ‘Faro Mirador’ slide at Xel-Há park is a spectacular attraction combining several parallel winding slides, offering users stunning landscape views from the top of the platform before starting the slide. This installation is particularly noteworthy as it was designed by architect Miguel Quintana Pali, President and CEO of Grupo Xcaret.

“At Grupo Xcaret, we are proud to receive this certification, which represents the fulfillment of our commitment to make the planet happier while sharing our great love for Mexico for over 30 years. Part of this vision is that safety is a fundamental value. Therefore, we ensure that all our installations and the operation of the attractions of the Group comply with the highest international standards and norms. These actions have allowed us to earn the trust of guests and visitors, positioning us as a 100% Mexican leading company in sustainable tourism recreation, socially responsible, and recognized worldwide,” commented Elizabeth Lugo, Director of Operations Parks and Tours of Grupo Xcaret.

“We appreciate the group’s trust in The Fun Lab to carry out these two projects and particularly value the high level of professionalism and involvement to guarantee the safety of the installations by all the professionals of Grupo Xcaret who participated in the process. Regulatory compliance in aquatic leisure areas is essential in all the regions where we operate, but it is particularly necessary in the Caribbean due to the excellence of its offer. We are therefore committed to helping them in this endeavor to raise the standards for the rest of the industry in the region,” concludes Salvador.

The Fun Lab begins its expansion into the international touristic market with a new commercial office in the Caribbean region

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