Paloma Orenda Hotel, first resort in Turkey to obtain the Safe Fun seal for the safety certification of its water park, Palomaqua

Palomaqua Safe Fun

Paloma Orenda Hotel (Turkey), belonging to the leading tourist group in the region, Paloma Hotels, has become the first resort in Turkey to obtain the Safe Fun – Aquatic Leisure Certification for its Palomaqua water park, which involves the official certification of the safety of its water slides and aquatic leisure equipment following the applicable international EN standards.

This seal, owned by the engineering firm and international water park inspection entity The Fun Lab (ISO 17020), guarantees that the establishment has safer, well-maintained facilities that comply with all the requirements set by regulations for design and accident prevention.

Paloma Hotels, features a total of 7150 m² of Palomaqua water park located in Antalya/Side, consisting of 12 spectacular and looping slides, for the more adventurous, as well as a children’s water park with 7 mini slides, a large bucket, and an interactive water play area for the youngest visitors. Altogether, it offers a completely family-friendly space designed to cater to users of all ages.

Through an exhaustive inspection process carried out by The Fun Lab, the aquatic leisure attractions at Palomaqua have been inspected and certified based on the points covered by the applicable European standards EN 1069 -specific to water slides- and EN 17232 -for equipment and play elements found in children’s pools and shallow water areas-.

“We appreciate the group’s trust in The Fun Lab to carry out this project. It is a great satisfaction that such an important chain in the Antalya region is the first Turkish company to opt for the certification of its aquatic leisure facilities. Nowadays, having a water park is one of the greatest values for family tourism offerings, but focusing on safety and quality, centering on the well-being of children and the peace of mind of families, is also the best way to gain reputation and visibility when working with international tour operators and travel agencies,” explains Javier Salvador, CEO of The Fun Lab.

“The paramount concern of our group is the well-being and safety of our guests as they indulge in their leisure. While cherishing the holiday experience is significant, ensuring it unfolds with the highest standards of safety is even more crucial. We convey our thanks to The Fun Lab for affording us this invaluable opportunity,” remarked Ece Tonbul, Chairperson of the Executive Board and CEO of Paloma Hotels.

Opening of The Fun Lab’s second international branch in Turkey

The completion of this first certification project coincides with the opening of The Fun Lab’s second international branch in Muğla (Turkey), following the existing one in Cancun (Mexico). From this office, the firm offers direct and close support to tourist companies in the Eastern Mediterranean region, with a special focus on the markets of Turkey, Egypt, Greece, Cyprus, and Bulgaria.

Among the services the company offers to tourist companies in these countries are official inspection and certification of water park safety, consulting and operational safety auditing in the management of these facilities -especially lifeguards- technical advice in the development of new projects, as well as specialized training for tourism company professionals in international compliance and safety in aquatic leisure areas and recreational pools.

“Family tourism destinations in the Eastern Mediterranean region, especially the Turkish market, already represent a very significant part of the volume of business and projects we currently manage, particularly those we work on in collaboration with leading international tour operators for whom we conduct water park audits of their operated resorts. Without a doubt, we are entering a market with a long history in aquatic leisure, yet still vibrant, where we hope to bring all our knowledge and technical advice to achieve greater safety, fewer accidents, and higher regulatory compliance in their facilities,’ concludes Salvador.

Paloma Orenda Hotel, first resort in Turkey to obtain the Safe Fun seal for the safety certification of its water park, Palomaqua

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