Water play safety: What does the new standard UNE-EN 17232 entail?

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Safety in water play is key to offering users the utmost peace of mind and confidence.

Water leisure spaces, their games, and equipment finally have their own applicable safety standard, the new regulation UNE-EN 17232. This new regulation joins the existing ones for pools (UNE-EN 13451) and water slides (UNE-EN 1069)

The current context has brought significant changes in user needs and behavior, placing critical importance on the perception of safety as a key factor in their consumption decisions, especially in the family tourism segment.

In recent years, tourist resorts have been incorporating a variety of new water leisure facilities beyond slides or children’s pools, such as shallow splash areas, water parks, and various water games like buckets or cannons. Fortunately, as of a few weeks ago, water games now have their own safety criteria that are required by both users and tour operators, as well as other stakeholders in the industry.

Specifically, last February, the UNE-EN 17232 standard was officially published, developed by the expert team of the AENOR Technical Standardization Committee CTN147 on Sports and Recreational Facilities. It encompasses safety requirements, testing methods, and operational requirements for water play equipment and elements, approved and published by the European Committee for Standardization on May 1, 2020.

We won’t delve into all the points covered by the standard in detail, but below are the most important sections that should be taken into account:

  • Safety requirements for materials.
  • Spaces.
  • Entrapments.
  • Walkable areas.
  • Electrical installations applicable to the games and their general installation.
  • Water quality, ensuring compliance with the quality and levels established in the applicable regulations.
  • Installation and installer instructions and information.
  • Operating and safety instructions.
  • Maintenance and operation inspections.
  • Marking and signage of elements and their use.

At The Fun Lab, we advocate for mandatory standardization and compliance with various safety regulations in all types of aquatic spaces. In this regard, since May 2020, we have joined the Public Use Pools and Water Parks Commission established by ASOFAP (Spanish Association of Pool Sector Professionals).

If your establishment has a water leisure area and you want more information or need assistance to get up to date on the regulations you must comply with, get in touch with us.

We will soon announce very interesting updates about the inspection and safety of water leisure facilities. Follow us on social media to stay updated on our news. Find us at:

Water play safety: What does the new standard UNE-EN 17232 entail?

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